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Ceasefire Vote: a further statement on Gaza

Neale Hanvey MP has confirmed he will be supporting the vote for a ceasefire taking place on Wednesday, 21st February in the UK Parliament. 


Responding to the onslaught of violence in Gaza, the Alba Party were the first political party to call for de-escalation and a ceasefire in October 2023


On 9th October 2023, Alba Party Leader and Former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond stated, “There has been a long and sorry catalogue of atrocities throughout the history of this conflict. Terrorist action against civilians can never be justified and neither can military reprisals which lead to killing and maiming of children. Both sides should be told by the international community to now choose the path of de-escalation and ceasefire. There can be no lasting settlement which ignores long-standing United Nations resolutions and there is no path to peace which can be initiated by violence against civilians.”


As Alba Party Westminster Leader, I have raised my concerns about the Crisis in Gaza with the Prime Minister on 15th November you can watch this here, and 21st January, you can watch this here.


On 18th February, Alba Party Leader and Former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond stated, speaking to the World Forum on the Future of Democracy in Berlin. In a session on reform of the United Nations he said’ “The Security Council veto has stopped meaningful intervention in Gaza to end the conflict even when 90 per cent and more of the General Assembly have voted to end the war and stop the killing. Despite the good work the UN carries out for peace, sustainable development, and human rights, if it is immobilised in the face of manifest injustice and suffering, then it will fall into disrepute. I propose that all member countries incorporate UN studies into their school curricula so that world popular opinion can be eventually brought to bear against the vested interests in the Security Council. In addition, the General Assembly should be empowered to override the veto if a huge majority of members vote for UN peacekeeping intervention or indeed sanctions. In this way, Gaza could be made to be the last conflict in which the International community was forced to look the other way while the innocents were slaughtered.”

I will use every opportunity to support de-escalation and a ceasefire in Gaza. For now, our collective efforts should get behind all humanitarian organisations and I ask you to consider supporting appeals from organisations such as Doctor Without Borders, and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

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