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Equivalent to 66,612 school meals


12th October 2023

“Tackling the unkempt-to-derelict appearance of some shop fronts
a sure-fire way to make the High Street a
much more inviting destination
for shopping, leisure and starting a business..."

to read this week's Fife Today article on the meeting
of traders, landlords and organisations which I recently hosted at
Koku Shi

08th November 2023

Statement on the crisis in Gaza

Throughout my life, I have taken no issue in condemning violent oppression and abuses of human rights, and this is borne out by my record of doing so wherever such abuse is perpetrated. I am also a vocal proponent of freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and religious freedom, but I draw a firm line at the monstering of a people or ethnic group, or the misuse of such identities as a means to cover for, or qualify, human rights abuses.

Having been born into pre-troubles Northern Ireland and living through the early years of that violent conflict I have a deep personal sensitivity to such issues. I have heard first-hand hate filed words attributed to a whole community. I have witnessed neighbours bombed from their business and home, and I have heard the indignant voices claiming moral superiority to justify those actions. I know people who were caught up in the violence, both perpetrator and victim, and I’ve heard first-hand the regrets of those who fought for a cause they now realise was a lie, and also from those who lost loved ones at the hands of violent strangers. There are no winners to violence.

However aggrieved or embittered either side may be, truth, dialogue and reconciliation are the only mechanisms which can chart a route of escape from the futility of escalation and towards peace.

My focus since the events of October 7th has been on the civilian populations, and they remain my priority. As a result, I chose not to add my voice to the clamour of those who now find themselves attempting to row back on words uttered just a matter of days prior.

The position of the Alba Party was made clear in the statement issued by Alex Salmond on the 9th October, which said all that could usefully be said in public at that time. There is no advantage to the people of Israel or Palestine for any of us to inflame an already desperate situation. I have privately contacted people directly affected by current hostilities to express my sadness, offer support, and give my condolences for the tragic losses of life.

Whilst there have been calls for further comments from voices polarised on either side of this conflict, all I can say in response to them is this: If I believed there were words I could say to calm the violence and save lives, I would offer them in a heartbeat. However, if they seek a comment to bolster a personal position then that’s simply not a priority for me. The people who are trapped in a nightmare of violence are, and I won’t risk adding to their trauma by doing anything other than endorsing my party’s continuing calls to ‘choose the path of de-escalation and ceasefire’. As Alex has said, “there can be no lasting settlement which ignores long-standing United Nations resolutions and there is no path to peace which can be initiated by violence against civilians.”

There is no argument that can qualify, claim equivalence, or justify the violence we are witnessing. My firm position is that we should all be campaigning for peace.

At my party’s recent conference, our membership reaffirmed this position and I will dedicate my focus towards those ends in the days ahead.

For now, our collective efforts should get behind all humanitarian organisations and I ask you to consider supporting appeals from organisations such as Doctor Without Borders, and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

15th November 2023

My question to the Prime Minister on the
urgent need to call for a ceasefire in Gaza

Pink Sugar

16 January 2024

"It is increasingly apparent that this is not a Union of equals. The UK is wilfully subverting the will of the people of Scotland by denying them their established human rights, as enshrined in the UN charter and in international treaty obligations, that the UK state entered freely."

My speech, as I reintroduced my Scotland (Self-Determination) Bill, seeking to transfer to the Scottish Parliament 
the power to legislate for a Scottish independence referendum

Rainbow Bubbles

08th January 2024

'The Bill you are consulting on will exacerbate the extant modern conversion therapy scandal
affecting vulnerable GNC young people and others struggling with pubertal body dysmorphia.

Furthermore, it risks embedding in statute the lie that GNC behaviour is evidence
that some of those young people were ‘born in the wrong body’,
that the normal development of puberty should be arrested with chemicals,
and that trauma and emotional distress can be fixed with cross-sex hormones and irreversible radical surgical intervention by affirming them onto an accelerated and irreversible pathway which amounts to a policy of ‘transing away the gay’.

This is wrong'

My letter to the First Minister of Scotland, regarding the
safeguarding risks of a so-called ‘ban’ on conversion therapy

Painting Wall

6th December 2023

"What action can be taken to make sure that legislation is fit for purpose,
and it matches all of the protected characteristics contained in the equality act?

My Parliamentary Question to the Women and Equalities Minister
on Gender Recognition

6th December 2023

"It is not a ban on conversion therapy that the Bill proposes; rather, it is rocket fuel for radicalised ideologues, to trans away the gay, depriving a generation of young LGB people from becoming the fabulous, vibrant and unique, gender non-conforming people they have every right to be."

My speech at the debate on Conversion Practices

Oil Refinery

29th November 2023

"Under Westminster's rule, Bathgate, Linwood, Methil and Irvine, are all no more. 
Grangemouth now risks being added to that sorry list,
and with it, hope for it's role in developing carbon reduction technologies.
What is HIS office doing to protect jobs, employment, and livelihoods in Scotland?"

My Parliamentary Question to the  Secretary of State for Scotland
on the Grangemouth oil refinery closure


23rd November 2023

My Parliamentary Question on the economic impact
of UK energy policy on the people of Scotland

Analyzing Data

23rd November 2023

My Parliamentary Question on
David Cameron and the Greensill scandal

Judge and Gavel

21st November 2023

"Will the Government provide a guarantee that they will not intervene against any

future ICC investigation into war crimes perpetrated against the people of Gaza?"

My Parliamentary Question to the Secretary of State for Justice


21st November 2023

"Scotland urgently needs a robust strategy that overcomes
the Westminster denial of a democratic process"

My speech on the UK Government's policy on a further
independence referendum for Scotland

High Street.jpg

13th November 2023

"My meeting with the Fife Divisional Commander was detailed and constructive and as a matter of priority I raised concerns about call response times and in person follow up on reports made by traders and members of the public alike.

“Following my meeting I have personally noticed an increased police presence on the High Street, particularly during market days and there has been progress made on Police Scotland’s commitment to follow up on reports.”

to read this week's Fife Today article on
the work I have undertaken to tackle anti-social behaviour in Kirkcaldy town centre 

09th November 2023

In reply to the King's Speech

Leaf Pattern Design

02nd November 2023

In interview with SPVR

Railway Tracks

23rd October 2023

My Parliamentary Question on the need
for Network Rail to address drainage maintenance failures
in order to avoid further fatal accidents

19th October 2023

Trends in excess deaths – Andrew Bridgen MPs Adjournment debate

I have received correspondence from a number of constituents who have asked me to attend the debate scheduled to take place tomorrow afternoon.

It is important to note that this is an adjournment debate rather then a full debate. Consequently, should it proceed then it will be a thirty-minute session at the end of the day’s sitting and will be an opportunity for Andrew Bridgen MP to raise the matter with the appropriate government minister. No other MPs are likely to be involved in the debate, nor will a vote take place.

I have spent this week in the constituency, and with the severe weather from which Fife is currently suffering also being taken into account, I have to advise that I will not be travelling to Parliament for this debate.

Nonetheless, I can confirm that this is a matter around which I have much concern, and I have twice previously raised the subject of vaccine damage in Parliament. You can view my contributions here and here.

I can also advise that I am in dialogue with Andrew Bridgen; that I will be following the debate closely online; and that I intend to further discuss the subject with Andrew Bridgen afterwards.
British Pound Coins

22nd September 2023

'As of September 2023, Mr Hanvey and his team have
recovered £102,325.71 for constituents
made up from recovered monies from the DWP, HMRC,
energy companies, Fife Council Parking Fines,
UKVI and private companies.'

to read this week's Fife Today article on our success so far

22nd September 2023

Continuing to press the UK Government to provide new financial help for WASPI women affected by State Pension age changes

WASPI women have suffered a litany of failures at the hands of the UK Government. The Tories must come clean on their failure and offer proper transitional protection in the future, and compensate the WASPI generation both promptly and fairly.  It is clear to many that their actions have robbed WASPI women of their entitled retirement.


That this injustice is happening in parallel with the current increase in pensioner poverty in the UK makes it abundantly clear that the Conservative Government are failing the over-60s. 

I readily confirm my steadfast support for the campaign to ensure the UK Government takes the necessary action to correct this dreadful injustice.

to read the recent Daily Record article on my ongoing work on the WASPI campaign


16th September 2023

"We must speak to the world as one movement,
not a single political party -
The SNP leadership's plan is the opposite of what needs to be done"

My speech at the Scotland United for Independence rally
George Square, Glasgow

Friends On A Walk

12th September 2023

"First it was the two child cap, then it was the Bedroom Tax, now protecting the Triple Lock for Pensions is the latest Labour u-turn in the making. It does beg the question of ‘what is the point of Labour?'..."

to read my thoughts on the Labour Party's shocking refusal to commit to helping pensioners
Parallel Lines

12th July 2023

My Parliamentary Question on freedom of expression

Vaccine Production Line

11th July 2023

My Parliamentary Question on
the importance of ensuring a broad portfolio of vaccines

Citrus Fruits

3rd July 2023

Supporting local heroes


"The people of Scotland have a right to self-determination"

to watch my speech at the
All Under One Banner march and rally in Stirling on 24th June 2023

20th June 2023
New Legal Opinion Outlines
International Routes to Independence

The first detailed criticism of the Supreme Court’s ruling to block the Scottish Government from

holding a second independence referendum.

Neale has published a legal opinion by Professor Robert McCorquodale - of Brick Court Chambers

and a member of the United Nations’ working group on business and human rights - 

which confirms that there are international legal routes through which Scotland can secure independence.

“The legal opinion we are publishing today reinforces and supports equitable access to

the right to self-determination of all peoples within the current Union.

They also offer robust challenge to the legally flawed judgement of the UK Supreme Court.”


to read the full article in The National

In conversation with Chris Elston

filmed May 2023

Image by Marc-Antoine Déry

24th May 2023
Trident: Radiation Leaks

The Ministry of Defence has revealed that there have been 58 radiation leaks at Trident facilities

in Scotland so far this year.

“It seems that getting answers out of the Ministry of Defence is like trying to get blood out of a stone. When it comes to weapons of mass destruction in Scotland, it is clear that the UK Government will tell us as much as they have to and as little as they want to...."

to read my comments in The National
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