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10,069 cases


Financial Wins

Equivalent to 42,500 school meals

British Pound Coins

22nd September 2023

'As of September 2023, Mr Hanvey and his team have
recovered £102,325.71 for constituents
made up from recovered monies from the DWP, HMRC,
energy companies, Fife Council Parking Fines,
UKVI and private companies.'

to read this week's Fife Today article on our success so far

22nd September 2023

Continuing to press the UK Government to provide new financial help for WASPI women affected by State Pension age changes

WASPI women have suffered a litany of failures at the hands of the UK Government. The Tories must come clean on their failure and offer proper transitional protection in the future, and compensate the WASPI generation both promptly and fairly.  It is clear to many that their actions have robbed WASPI women of their entitled retirement.


That this injustice is happening in parallel with the current increase in pensioner poverty in the UK makes it abundantly clear that the Conservative Government are failing the over-60s. 

I readily confirm my steadfast support for the campaign to ensure the UK Government takes the necessary action to correct this dreadful injustice.

to read the recent Daily Record article on my ongoing work on the WASPI campaign


16th September 2023

"We must speak to the world as one movement,
not a single political party -
The SNP leadership's plan is the opposite of what needs to be done"

My speech at the Scotland United for Independence rally
George Square, Glasgow

Friends On A Walk

12th September 2023

"First it was the two child cap, then it was the Bedroom Tax, now protecting the Triple Lock for Pensions is the latest Labour u-turn in the making. It does beg the question of ‘what is the point of Labour?'..."

to read my thoughts on the Labour Party's shocking refusal to commit to helping pensioners
Parallel Lines

12th July 2023

My Parliamentary Question on freedom of expression

Vaccine Production Line

11th July 2023

My Parliamentary Question on
the importance of ensuring a broad portfolio of vaccines

Citrus Fruits

3rd July 2023

Supporting local heroes


"The people of Scotland have a right to self-determination"

to watch my speech at the
All Under One Banner march and rally in Stirling on 24th June 2023

20th June 2023
New Legal Opinion Outlines
International Routes to Independence

The first detailed criticism of the Supreme Court’s ruling to block the Scottish Government from

holding a second independence referendum.

Neale has published a legal opinion by Professor Robert McCorquodale - of Brick Court Chambers

and a member of the United Nations’ working group on business and human rights - 

which confirms that there are international legal routes through which Scotland can secure independence.

“The legal opinion we are publishing today reinforces and supports equitable access to

the right to self-determination of all peoples within the current Union.

They also offer robust challenge to the legally flawed judgement of the UK Supreme Court.”


to read the full article in The National

In conversation with Chris Elston

filmed May 2023

Image by Marc-Antoine Déry

24th May 2023
Trident: Radiation Leaks

The Ministry of Defence has revealed that there have been 58 radiation leaks at Trident facilities

in Scotland so far this year.

“It seems that getting answers out of the Ministry of Defence is like trying to get blood out of a stone. When it comes to weapons of mass destruction in Scotland, it is clear that the UK Government will tell us as much as they have to and as little as they want to...."

to read my comments in The National
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