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Calls to violence are not protected under freedom of expression laws.

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Years ago, on a nightshift tea-break a call came in to Radio Forth’s Open-Line show from a Fife man desperate to escape his abusive female partner. Chillingly his call ended abruptly just as a female voice screamed with rage in the background. As a first experience of domestic violence perpetrated by a woman against a man, unsettling would be an enormous understatement.

I raised this during a White Ribbon Campaign debate as a Fife councillor, and back in those days there was unanimity in the chamber in condemnation of domestic violence. It would have been anathema for anyone to condone or minimise any such violence.

So, this weekend I was shocked to read Labour MP Clive Lewis’ attempt to press a “both sides” “she made me do it” argument on Twitter apparently justifying a call to violence against women critical of gender ideology.

On Saturday trans-identifying convicted criminal Sarah Jane Baker proclaimed to enthusiastic cheers from London’s Trans Pride, “If you see a TERF punch them in the f***ing face”.

“TERF,” is an acronym for “trans exclusionary radical feminist,” and is used to dehumanise and justify violence against women who campaign to protect their sex-based rights.

You would think that considering the recent episodes of murderous violence against women perpetrated by serving Met police officers, the Met would pursue the matter vigorously. Well, you would be wrong.

In response to a police complaint, acting Met Sergeant Daniel Warner refused to progress the report claiming Barker’s call to violence was protected under freedom of expression laws. Aye right.

According to the UK’s Equality Human Rights Commission (EHRC), freedom of expression covers the right to hold and express valid beliefs and opinions without government interference. But the EHRC are crystal clear “freedom of expression does not protect expression which seeks to incite violence, hatred or discrimination against others.”

As the trans umbrella has been distorted to include anyone with a spicy lifestyle or fetish, in Scotland campaign groups received over £3million to promote “LGBTI equality” [gender ideology] for the years 2021 to 2024.

Well, violent criminals like Baker and gender ideologues will never speak for me.

Contrast this largesse with the withdrawal of funds for domestic violence charity Saje Scotland who were denied the £150k Scottish Government grant they needed to continue their Freedom Programme helping female and male victims of domestic rebuild their lives.

What on earth has happened to zero-tolerance? None of this is okay.

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